Management implies an additional responsibility. As Mintzberg said “managers must lead and leaders must manage”.

Today, the role of manager has new goals to achieve:

  • Lead others and lead change
  • Lead from any position, not as a privilege but as a responsibility
  • Anticipate and be prepared for change and the unexpected
  • Being able to solve, design and execute new solutions
  • Create collaboration spaces so that talent can multiply and amplify its capabilities.

If these are the professional and personal challenges that await us, why educate yourself in a different way?

Why continue to apply learning models from the second industrial revolution when we are in the fourth?

Why individual learning models when what is necessary are collaborative models?

Re-solutionary Learning principles

We have re-acted to the discovery that we have to re-learn the way we learn. Because new times requiere new solutions and the best collaborators. That’s why we created The re-learning method, consisting of the sum of learning by doing, learning by designing and learning by living.

Learning by doing

The best and proven way not only to get a better understanding of anything but also gives you the mindset and competencies necessary to put in practice your knowledge and ideas.
As Aristotle said: “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”

Learning by living

Ultimately living in an international environment encourages students to create solutions in different contexts which operate in different ways. By collaborating with people from different disciplines they obtain the necessary perspective to approach challenges in a much more flexible way, acquiring a different mindset for life and their professional careers.

Learning by designing

At Advantere we go beyond this concept and our students learn by facing real challenges coming from new and unexpected issues in organizations and in society, designing and creating executable original and not before thought solutions. Facing uncertainty, creating solutions, adding value. Because as managers this is what you will be expected to do every day in your professional life.

How the re-learning works

Challenge managers

Management education is traditionally based on learning the technique, managing, limiting risks and avoiding mistakes. Risk management is based on what happened in the past, statistics, probabilities. Knowing how to manage risks is important, even necessary, but not enough today. Managing challenges now means facing uncertainty, the unknown, what goes beyond the odds.

MIM CTA_change2

Discovering yourself

Gandhi said “if you want to change the world, start with yourself “. Learning today is not only having technical knowledge but also knowing and discovering oneself and at the same time developing the ability to become a lifelong “learner”. Self-knowledge is discovering your own possibilities beyond what your own experience, context or self-perception impose on you as limitations to your potential.


Re-solutionary learning is eminently collaborative learning, not only for practical reasons, but because it enhances our learning capacity. The leaders of organizations are not and cannot be solitary stars, they are only capable of doing what their teams do. Collaboration is a skill that must be learned, developed and continuously improved because if it is effective, it does not add, but rather multiplies the capacities to face challenges, and our capacity to learn and grow.

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Because we’re re-solved to advance. We have the re-solution to advance.