Today's higher education is limited in many cases to the repetition of formulas that were successful in the classic business schools. However, the digital age in which we are immersed uses other codes to solve problems that this old model is unable to address. So why continue educating in the same way?

The transformation of knowledge

In order to transform management education, we have implemented an innovative learning model based on an integrative perspective that develops your autonomy, striving always to have a positive impact on society as an agent of change from both your professional and human dimension.

Located in Madrid, one of the main European capitals, Advantere School of Management proposes an academic itinerary capable of attracting talented students from all over the world.

Students who only settle for the excellence of a centre supported by the experience of the Society of Jesus and backed by three prestigious institutions such as Universidad de Deusto, Universidad Pontificia Comillas and Georgetown University.

We have to manage on reality and therefore on the uncertainty of a changing world, that every day requests more flexible profiles capable of applying their knowledge in different environments and circumstances. As John Dewey said: “education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

Management school not just a business school

We are not what everyone understands by a business school. We are a management school with the aim of developing challenge managers, who can step out of their comfort zone to lead others to success and make a difference.

The role of managers requires constant adaptation to be competitive and, in tune with the needs organizations and society identifies, to create effective solutions that go beyond the beaten track.

We believe in the potential of self-knowledge as a lifelong growth, that pushes your capabilities beyond and develops your skills through experience and discovery. In the words of William S. Burroughs: "the aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values."

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The re-learning method

People who, together with their academic record, show a different way of looking at the world and learning, are the most qualified to face uncertainty with a positive, innovative and sustainable impact within the framework of current demands.

In achieving these differential competences, it is necessary to propose a learning method that focuses on those aspects that encourage new solutions.

At Advantere we call it re-solutionary learning, which consists of the sum of 3 core learning principles:

  1. Learning by doing. To apply your knowledge and ideas into practice teaches much more than any theoretical model on paper. Without action, understanding and analysis are useless.
  2. Learning by designing. Conceptualize and project through creativity models that provide innovative outcomes to real problems or needs.
  3. Learning by living. Collaborate with people with different backgrounds, cultures or training to enhance your perspective and adapt it to any given condition.

Your management school

Our society is interconnected in a global world, where the key to knowledge lies in a multidisciplinary approach to issues. Advantere's international education programme highlights the importance of developing responsible managers for a more resilient community.

Are you a re-solutionary? Take a look at our Master in International Management and our Master in Finance, we're looking for you.

Because we’re re-solved to advance. We have the re-solution to advance.