Is it possible, to the visually impaired people, to read no adapted texts?

It is, with a Re-Solutionary Project like “The OrCam Read”, an A.I. pencil helps people with visual dysfunctions to read no adapted text.

Every day, people with visual impairments find many impediments, which makes it difficult for them to lead a normal life… Reading a newspaper, in a restaurant menu, or even taking the bus, becomes impossible or very difficult for them.

The Orcam Read is the only one Laser Pencil that can read any text, word, or screen, making the impossible possible.

Amnon Shashua was the person who thought: "It could be possible to harness computer science to compensate for the loss of vision". This amazing invention will improve the quality of life of many people, making a more accessible world for the visually impaired.

Do you want to improve the lives of others? We want you on board: you can study our Master in International Management or our Master in Finance, with our re-learning method.

Because we’re re-solved to advance. We have the re-solution to advance.