Is it possible to turn a first world problem into a third world solution?

It is, with a Re-Solutionary Project.

People have different problems according to where they live, from obesity to hunger or work stress to unemployment.

Betterfly had a "re-solutionary" idea to solve it by creating a healthy lifestyle platform that transforms individual benefits into charitable donations, like transforming burning sports calories into eating calories for those who really need them.

Eduardo della Maggiora claims: "Little personal changes create a chain reaction that builds a better world”. A brilliant statement to make the small bigger, like the perfect "Butterfly Effect."

Do you want to contribute with brilliant ideas? We want you on board: you can study our Master in International Management (UTM MIM) or our Master in Finance (UTM MIF), with our re-learning method.

Because we’re re-solved to advance. We have the re-solution to advance.