Is it possible to walk again for a person with a spinal cord injury?

It is, with a Re-Solutionary Project.

"Able" is an exoskeleton to allow people with a spinal cord injury to walk again.

There are 5 million people in the world with this injury. In addition to mobility issues, this disability causes depression, social adjustment issues, and other physical complications that cause pain. Until now, the commercial exoskeletons were heavy, and it was necessary to have specialist supervision to use them.

Josep Maria Font, Alfons Carnicero and Alex Garcia are responsible for this exoskeleton that allows people to walk, stand, and sit down by themselves.

The Able Team has a vision of the world "as one where people can move freely," and this is becoming real with the idea of having a better world and turning "disability into ABILITY".

Do you want to make the unbelievable possible? We want you on board: you can study our Master in International Management or our Master in Finance, with our re-learning method.

Because we’re re-solved to advance. We have the re-solution to advance.