Leadership Talks is an initiative part of Advantere's training program to bring real stories of current leaders to our students.

On the last visit of 2022, we had the pleasure of speaking with Iñaki Arrola, Cofounder and managing partner of K Fund, a Venture Capital that has invested in more than 30 successful startups such as Factorial, Lucera o Bcome.

About Iñaki Arrola

Iñaki's story is not to be missed: he began his career as an entrepreneur with coches.com, an online automotive marketplace that revolutionized the sector in Spain in 2003.

In 2009 he started investing in startups as a business angel and in 2012, he founded Venture Capital Vitamina K.

This path from entrepreneurship to becoming an investor has been full of learnings that he now applies to work sustainably and prioritize the care of the team.

He currently plays a key role in K Fund, which specialize in technology projects of Spanish entrepreneurs.

"Life is about moving, doing things and how you do things"

Iñaki shared with us his experience as an entrepreneur and as an investor. He talked about the huge challenges an entrepreneur faces.

To him one of the most important aspects when considering an investment is the team. A diverse and balanced team is key in his opinion. To ensure that the team doesn'´t run into problems having a good shareholder agreement is crucial.

We also talked about the business model of Venture Capital and in that regard why sometimes it makes sense to be bootstrapped and grow with your resources.

Sometimes you don´t want investors that might interfere with your strategy.

What we've talked about:

00:16 What is your concept of leadership?

00:34 Which kind of leadership the world needs today?

00:50 How do you keep yourself connected to reality?

01:04 What do you recommend students to be re-solutionary today?

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Leadership Talks is a series of bi-weekly meetings between our students and leaders of innovation and social impact.

These talks are one of the many activities that are part of the training for our young re-solutionaries. We believe in a collaborative education that focuses on creating connections between people.

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